Body Recomposition

The weight on the scale went down, this must be a good sign– or is it? Depends. Have you lost muscle? Is it less water? Or have you achieved the ideal result- fat loss. Body recomposition focuses on getting rid of fat-mass, while holding onto fat-free mass, or better yet, seeing it increase.

Fat Loss

Bottom line, you don’t want weight loss. Your solution should be fat loss. This involves depleting of fat cells, and is achieved through proper nutrition, strength training, and cardio. Don’t bother with a hundred crunches a day. Spot reduction is simply a myth.

Gain Muscle

Whether you’re a male or female, muscle gain should be viewed as an accomplishment. More so for females, with 1/10th the testosterone levels of a male. Gaining muscle revs up metabolism, helps burn fat, increases strength, improves flexibility, helps posture, and reduces likelihood of injury.

Get Lean

Get lean. This phrase is popular amongst men. When at a grocery store, how can you tell which cut of steak is the leanest? The answer should be the piece with the least amount of fat. Body recomposition is your true goal. focus on the two elements above.

Be Toned

You want to be toned? What is tone? In terms of muscle, tone is the low level contraction of muscles at rest. Looking toned is accomplished by having low levels of body fat, and adequate amount of muscle. Therefore you’re ultimate goal should be to improve body composition.

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