The benefits of an aerobic workout are countless, from a healthier heart to a happier mood. Whether you want to finish a marathon or just jog around the block, Elements of Training will get you there.

Heart Health

Cardio exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, and running impact both the heart and lungs in a positive way. It can help strengthen the heart muscles, transport oxygen more efficiently, decrease high blood pressure, reduce risk of coronary artery disease, and type II diabetes.

Weight Management

Yes, performing cardio will help with weight loss. But be careful not to burn through muscle. Having guidelines to follow on specific types of cardio, such as low intensity steady-state cardio or high intensity interval-training can help with fat loss, and with keeping it off.

Endurance Training

Participating in a marathon is great. Being able to complete it is even better. Often times, having a simple structure for training can prepare anyone to complete an event with an accomplished feeling.

Improved State of Mind

Engaging in aerobic activity can help reduce anxiety and depression. This can be explained by the affect of cardio on a neurochemical basis. Improved mood and higher energy levels, along with lower stress are additional ways cardio can help with state of mind.

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