Lose 10 pounds in two weeks. Sounds good right? Wrong. Eat hot pepper jelly to lose fat and tighten your core. Thanks Dr.Oz, but no thanks. It’s time to understand nutrition, how it works, and the impact it has on health and fitness.

Fat Loss

No matter how advanced a workout program or how many hours spent on a cardio machine, if there’s no focus on nutrition, maximum fat loss results cannot be achieved. Consider nutrition as the foundation in any fat loss program.

Sports Nutrition

Looking to improve performance in sports? Having a proper diet can boost energy levels, sharpen mental focus, and make attaining peak performance possible. Let’s not forget about enhancing recovery, which would give more time to focus on sharpening your skills during training.

Contest Preparation

There is no out-training a bad diet. Being involved in contest prep takes dieting to a whole other extreme. Precision, patience, and trust in the process are core elements to looking your best on stage. Get ready to ride multiple emotional roller coasters at low levels of body fat.

Healthy Lifestyle Eating

Yo-yo dieting needs to come to an end. We need to stop thinking in terms of quick, instant results. Detox and juice-cleanses are not helping the cause. Instead, let’s focus on changing poor habits, and turning them into good, sustainable patterns. Once the fundamentals are understood, the worry about crash dieting and re-gaining the weight (plus a few pounds extra)- will be a story in the past.

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