Strength Training

Crossfit. Bodybuilding. Powerlifting. Sport Specific. No matter what style of training, a proper strength program should be followed. Even with a goal to improve health or body composition, lifting weights has been proven to be most beneficial. Any drawbacks to strength training? None.

Gain Muscle

Just because lifting weights is part of your workout regimen, doesn’t mean immediate muscle gain. It is a process that involves proper structuring, a good nutrition plan, consistency, and patience.


This is a sport that is growing rapidly. You will learn more about yourself preparing for a competition than high school taught you about life. Physique, bikini, figure are all categories of bodybuilding.


If heavy lifting is something enjoyable, powerlifting should be an involvement. With focus on three major lifts- Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlifts- your ultimate competition is yourself. Be prepared to push through self-imposed mental barriers.

Injury Rehab

Ever wondered why injury happened in the first place? It’s usually due to lack of muscular strength and/or imbalances. It could even involve poor coordination. A proper strength training program that focuses on your weaknesses can help with injury pre-habilitation and rehabilitation.

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