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Haig was the best trainer I have had hands down. The attention and focus he gives in a specific plan for each client is astounding. In addition, he is patient in providing feedback to ensure your form during workouts is correct, which allows you to lift more and be safer. I would recommend Haig and his program to anyone. It takes real talent to make someone have me actually look forward to going to the gym.
Elush S, San Diego, CA
I have been training with Haig since January 2012. On February 1, 2014 I was 205 lbs. As of August 1, 2014 I am 170 lbs. My goal is to see what 160 lbs would feel like. So far I’m loving it! I feel well. I am more energy, better attitude and life has become more pleasant in so many way. Thanks to Haig’s insight into fitness and nutrition, I am in the best shape of my life (I am 51 years old). Haig takes a very personal approach to training. He knows when to push me beyond my personal mental /physical limits and when to maintain. When you train with Haig, he will be in touch with you constantly. I found that to be of great value. We all know we have those triggers that make us, mindlessly, go the refrigerator and eat something we don’t need. So many times right as I was about to lose it (usually late in the evening), I get a text from Haig just checking up on me. For me that was a reality check! It interrupted my bad behavior. The science is out there. Losing weight is no longer a mystery. Knowledge is everything. Haig put all of that all at my disposal. I am very grateful for the personal attention, hard work and the friendship. I look forward to breaking 160 lbs and know with Haig on my side, it is only a matter of time. I have had other trainers but Haig is the last trainer I will be working with. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about fitness. If you want to see results, call Haig! If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact me through Haig.
Bobby Z, Pasadena, CA
I began working with Haig Basmadjian 2 years ago. I would describe my sessions with Haig as custom tailored to meet my specific needs. He implements ongoing assessments and makes adjust to the program as he sees necessary. He not only coaches me through my exercises but makes sure each and every one is being done correctly and explains the rationale behind it. I would describe Haig as patient, skilled and experienced. He is dedicated to what he does and brings his passion and dedication to each and every session. In addition to being my trainer, he has also been instrumental in providing me with nutritional support. Between my training sessions and following his nutritional plan, I have lost weight and gained muscle mass, more importantly my body looks and I feel the best I have ever felt. I realize with even more commitment on my part, my outcome would only be exponential.
Sebouh S, Toluca Lake, CA
A truly excellent trainer. The transformation in my body and mind has been incredible. I’m stronger, more flexible, and am excited to go to the gym!
Lily T, Glendale, CA
I started training with Haig 3 years ago as part of a new gym deal.  I wasn’t looking for a personal trainer because I’ve had four trainers in the past who were nice people, but either pushed me too hard or not hard enough, seemed too distracted, or weren’t able to get me to my goals.  Haig was different.  He can’t help but care about you as a whole person and takes your progress personally.  He somehow knows exactly how much I can handle, when to push and when to back off.  My entire lifestyle has changed to incorporate better nutrition and fitness leading me to lose about 13% of my body weight.  I’ve had a lot of challenges along the way, but Haig tailored my nutrition plan & workouts to accommodate all sorts of allergies, injuries, and ailments.  Simply put, he’s the best!
Uyen T, Burbank, CA
It has been my pleasure over the past two years to have Haig Basmadjian as my personal trainer. What differs Haig from personal trainers that I have had in the past is that he is genuinely concerned with not only helping me reach my personal fitness goals, but also providing me with the educational piece that comes along with making lifestyle changes pertaining to health and fitness.

Haig has a comprehensive understanding of physiology and diet and during every workout session provides me with information that has been essential in the lifestyle changes that I have made.

Since working with Haig I have seen improvements in both my physical appearance and strength. This has been achieved only through working out twice a week due to my busy schedule, so I can only imagine the results I would see if I had the ability to workout with him more days out of the week.

I believe that anyone who is serious about improving their physical health can benefit from Haig’s knowledge and expertise. He is absolutely amazing and he has changed my life!

Ani A, La Crescenta, CA
Haig has made working out enjoyable. He prepares exercise routines that are individualized and challenging. It’s the first time in my life I’m actually seeing results and that makes me want to work harder!! He is the best trainer I’ve ever had!!
Shake A, Glendale, CA
Its hard enough to find a good trainer, but I have found a trainer for life in Haig. I have been training with him for about three years now and its been fun to say the least.

Over the past three years I have gotten genuine personalized coaching from Haig. He cares about every aspect of my fitness and doesn’t put any limitations on the kind of service he provides. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a trainer that is really passionate about their job.

Carl S, Burbank, CA
Let’s be completely honest, there are very many choices when it comes to hiring a personal trainer. I have first hand experience with this… I have worked with many personal trainers, all “specializing” in different methods of weight loss, training, strength building, etc…

My first meeting with Haig was very different from all of my previous experiences with trainers. Most of the trainers that I worked with were more interested in selling me as many sessions as possible without the genuine concern for my goals.

Note to trainers: **clients cant stand when you introduce different packages every 10 seconds every time they decline the previous package during an initial session. DON’T MAKE ME BUY YOUR PACKAGES!**

Haig sat with me and answered all of my questions, taught me some methods that I could utilize in order to keep track of my workouts and introduced a real “lifestyle” change plan for me that I never thought I could keep. He really surpassed my expectations, and this was only my first meeting with him!

The exercises are really catered to your needs. Haig constantly asks about every aspect of your life that may affect your goals (food, social life, stress, workouts). He gives you some extra workout routines to complete on your days off, and he even makes a spreadsheet for you to fill out, which he checks before your sessions in order to make sure that you are on the right track to success!

I worked with Haig for 6 months since January 2014. I have had a very serious knee injury and am very hesitant to do anything that requires pressure on my left knee. Haig was the first trainer to help me squat!!!! It didn’t just stop there, I squatted 135 lbs… after practicing with lower weights, of course… just to think that I could not do 1 simple half squat before this. This is just one example of the knowledge that this guy has about training and how to human body works.

After losing weight and changing the composition of my body, I got a new job and enrolled in a doctorate program so I had to stop my gym sessions. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE! The weight came back, I had no motivation to go to the gym, and the stress levels doubled. I start back with Haig Tuesday. I couldn’t be more excited!!!! Back on the right track and (I kind of miss being able to deadlift 225lbs). If I can fit in personal training hours to my schedule with a job, internship hours, and school, anyone can!

I HANDS DOWN recommend Haig to anyone trying to reach any fitness goals, whether it is to gain or lose weight, become stronger, or just live a healthier life. He is constantly attending seminars, and tries to get his clients to attend, as well. Give him a try, he is very knowledgeable, nice, entertaining, caring, and sometimes (just sometimes) a little strict… which is a good thing when trying to thin down.

Thanks Haig, you are amazing!!!

Christina K, Hollywood, CA

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